New Work – Geschwindigkeit

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I’m happy to announce that one of my secret projects (Codename BAMF) can now be revealed!  It’s been accepted to the Dinner @ 8 Artists’ Group Show that will be travelling to IQF Long Beach and IQF Houston!

My family loves Mustangs, and I recently joined the ranks with a vintage 1973 Mach 1 of my own.  As a daughter of a car enthusiast, even I knew the “moment” is in turning that key.

Geschwindigkeit means Speed in German, and though I named it for the car and how much I love to drive it and to go fast, it also means the hectic pace which drove me to finish it, and the frenetic velocity at which my life is going by.  A running joke is that the car is my “mid-life crisis car, now I just need the crisis”.  While I don’t anticipate having a crisis at 40, my life is very full, and I have many positives that I need to remind myself of, especially when I turn the key and start that beast of an engine.