New Year, New Products!

I’ve been feverishly working on all sorts of stuff for you guys, but a couple of the things I’m most proud of are to add to my now EIGHT year old eTextiles business and a new Sewing Skull item.

First off, there’s so much added to the eTextile (that’s the light-up stuff I sell) line that you need to just go over to the shop and check it out. I’ve added SENSORS!  YAY!!  These are fun and easy to do, and really super fun if you have some younger folks who want to light up a sewing project.

5 Light Packs (1)

10 yds cond thread (1)Reed Switch 5 Pack

replace batts (1)

5 pack battery holders (1)

reed switch kit





















Check them all out HERE!

Lastly, I have added a new vinyl sticker to the mix in BLACK. A friend who had a white vehicle wanted one on her car, so I have a few in black for you to try out.  Plus, get the last of the color shirts for a while, as I’m discontinuing the colors! Check out the sewing skull shop here! 
vinyl stick (1)