Nostalgia and The Avon Good Fairy

My studio is the previous owner’s daughter’s room.  It was painted purple and green, and since I like those colors I decided to leave it painted that way. When I was little I BEGGED my father to paint my room purple like a friend of mine had.  After a weekend away I came back to my room painted a light lavender.  That is the color in the studio, and I love it.  It brings back those childhood memories, and of something my dad did for me.
I decided to put whimsy things in my studio.  I have lots of fairies in there, all mostly from when I was a kid and could not get enough of fairies, unicorns, and the like.  I was a child of the 80’s after all.

I had this Avon perfume decanter as a kid.  I think it was second hand, because I only had the wand, and not the wings.  It was long since tossed out. I think only to top half of her survived, and my brother liked the wand because it glowed in the dark.  The other day I just happened to Google it, and came across some eBay auctions for them, and next thing you know I had one.  I opened the perfume and it smelled just like I remember.  The smell of childhood, and nostalgia, and it made me miss that old house.  It made me call my dad. 🙂
Do you have anything that brings back memories like that?
More weekly quilts and stuff coming up this week!  Yay!