OK, OK, I give…. The summer is defeating my quilting plans.

Perhaps the best laid plans are the ones that go awry.  Not only did I have my entire 52 weeks of Techniques planned out, but I even thought that with this busy summer schedule I could actually get it all done.  I have been trying to get my techniques done in an agonizing manner.  I have been trying to keep up with them weekly and failing miserably, which was just making me feel bad about it.

Well, I decided not to let myself feel bad about my art, so I am taking a break from the Techniques until the end of August, and will start back up in September.  The act of writing that here and putting it out in the world actually helped free me up to want to be able to create again. 

Everyone gets busy, and I was/am no exception.  I should have given in to my “stoppage” weeks ago and I would be a lot happier at this point, but it is what it is. Work and other obligations kept me on the road alot, and time athome has been all bout catching up from being away.  As it was I felt uninspired, afraid to go into my studio because “I should” have been working on my weekly project, and generally apathetic towards quilting. I was afraid to write on my blog, because “folks are waiting for my Techniques”!  I should have recognized this sooner and put it all on hold.  But, I am in a much better spot now and feel the creativity growing again.

So, followers and readers, I hope you will stick with me as I post about some other things until August, when I can start back up on the Technique of the Week.