Organizing the Business!



Here are my adorable cats, in my guest room, on a stack of comic book boxes.  (You know I work full time in the comic book industry, right? I get a lot of free comic books.) Anyway, I was having an issue with prepping orders from my shop in the office.  It was such a hassle to move around in there with my day job desk.  Once I ordered a giant roll of bubble wrap, I knew that the business stuff needed a new home. org3


My cats will be sorry to see this set of boxes go!  I headed to IKEA with my measurements for this wall, and a budget in mind. The comic book boxes got moved to another room in the house.

org 2And here it is!  I needed the cabinet door portion to keep all of the Skull tShirts I sell free of dust and cat hair.  One side is shipping and promotional materials, and the other is merchandise.  It’s great to have all of the components together and I’m really pleased with how it looks.  Yes, my guests will have to sleep with our business products, but it did free up tons of space in my office.