Our Thanksgiving Pop Up Shop!

When we bought this building, I wondered how quickly I would be able to open it to the public, and have a little boutique of my own.

When I heard about the festivities that Downtown Paducah had planned, I felt like I had to be part of it. So with only three days to plan and get the shop into a “presentable” shape, I started moving all the junk from my shop area to get it retail ready.

Here’s what it looked like before. We were just storing stuff here because we didn’t want to put it anywhere else in the building.

Now that we moved the boxes out and the furniture around, it looks much better. I thought we would use the gridwall we use at our vendor booths, but we didn’t have to!

    It needed a few more things, like some shelving we have in the upstairs, that Charlie suggested we bring down and use. The building was last used as an attorney’s office, so we have lots of built in shelves. You can see them behind me here. We didn’t even have to paint them (though we will eventually!) They are super tall! We have another set upstairs to use if we want to, as well!

    I loved how our window turned out. I didn’t want to spend money on a sign that wouldn’t be used for a while, so we improvised with this and I think it turned out sew cute.

    Once Black Friday rolled around, we were ready to open the doors and I couldn’t be happier!

    We still have to take out that counter, and paint, and get a few more furniture pieces, but I have to say, it felt so good to stretch my retail legs this way. It’s been YEARS since I ran my own store (which was Gamer’s Paradise in Villa Park IL back in the mid 90’s). I loved meeting everyone, talking about what the shop will be like, and being part of my retail neighborhood.

    THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by, and I hope to reopen soon with more goodies!