Partial Studio Closet makeover

This is just one peek at the closet makeover.  I tore out (literally) the wire shelves that were put in by the builder in this small walk in closet.  I got two bookcases from WalMart for $25 each that now house my books and (when better organized) small containers of bead, buttons, and other notions. 
On the wall just inside the closet, I hung my “pin quilt”, which is just a black piece of cotton that I quilted and bound that I stick all of the pins I collect at comic book or quilt shows into.  I get all these lovely things and never know what to do with them, so here they are.
As you can see, the left side of the bookshelves needs to be organized still. I’ve got a few plastic tubs and a light fixture to buy before this little closet makeover is done, but it will be much more organized and useful to me once it’s done.  Then I can go out into the main room and do some minor changes that will get the rest of the studio in shape!