Pick a Pear

I don’t know why I picked “pears” for this month’s theme. After the “Incident“, the pears I stamped out of foil have been on my mind. This is one of my class samples from my foiling class.

There’s pears everywhere. In fact, two Art Quilt books I am studying from currently have pear projects in them. I also recently did a pear watercolor, so it’s not quite as obsessive as I have been with the Pomegrantes, but Pears could be a whole subject to themselves…

I am not sure why, but I have been lackluster in blog-land this week. I apologize to my readers for not posting very much, but I hope this will change. I am rolling out the big project at work this week, and it’s taking my mental energy. I am also working on some super secret stuff, and hope I can reveal that in due time.

I was a “winner” this week too. I went to a spring/summer fashon show put on by my salon, and was the winner of a gift basket full of Redken products! My New Year’s resolutions were to “use it up” and I haven’t bought new hair or face products since the beginning of the year since I already own so much that I never use! Now I have even more. I was pretty excited to be the winner though!