Piles of lace

I’m lucky that I have a great local quilt guild.  Every January we have a “rummage sale” where folks donate items to our guild to be sold and the profits go to charity.  
Someone brought ziploc bags of crocheted, tatted, and pin lace to be sold for about $2 a bag!  I happily snapped them up, as I LOVE handmade lace.  To me, the thought of someone sitting down and working out a complicated pattern to trim a dress, shirt, or undergarment is the epitome of how crafting for purpose was back in olden days.  
There were two yokes for “night shirts” that I could find in my DH’s grandma’s crochet books from 1919.  A lady was required to make her own trousseau, and these nightgowns had a crocheted lace detail on top.  The material is long gone, but the yoke is in great shape. 

I also love doilies, and partial doilies, because they make great appliques for mixed media quilts.  They also can be dyed great colors. I can’t wait to get this lace all cleaned and pressed, and then the ideas for using it all can roll in!