Plastic bag recycling

I read a great many blogs. Too many, sometimes. But I have noticed a trend in the blogosphere when it comes to craft blogs. They link to each other a great deal. So while it’s been great to get new links and new blogs to read from reading a few favorites, sometimes an idea gets beaten to death.
Which takes me to this week’s quilt.
A few weeks ago, everyone and their sister was making things out of fused plastic bags. Like here, and here, and the tutorial that started it all, here.
I want to be a craft grrl. So here is my attempt to live like a lemming and add the recycled plastic bag craft revolution to my quilting.
Making it was fun, not nearly as stinky as proposed in the tutorial, and way harder to sew that it seems. It was very slippery on the batting, and it had to be tacked in places just to stay on. Next time, fusing it to fusible web is necessary.
Oh, and the wording came from a Michaels bag, that said “Ideas, Inspiration and Information”.