Playing Catch-Up #2

This is a catch up post that will fill in some of the blanks with not only what the heck I am doing in between these weekly quilts, but also as a catch up for the end of last year when I was not posting as much.  I had lots to say, just no time to say it! 
These lovelies are my “keys and keyhole” weekly quilts from September 2009.  I bought some neat keys and keyholes from the Tim Holtz collection in a scrapbooking store.  

I’m always looking for bits and bobs to attach and embellish my quilts with.  In addition, one of the quilters in my quilt guild brought in bags of old lace she no longer wanted.  It was full of handmade doilies, trims, and other goodies, and I was the happy recipient of some of the bags. I used some of the lace trim to embellish what would be an industrial piece and I think it sets them off nicely.