"Please… say hello to me…"

I saw “I Am Legend” this weekend, and while an ok sci-fi movie (not at all like the book), I loved Will Smith’s performance. On a similar, slightly related note, I came upon a post in Neil Gaiman’s blog about songwriter Jonathan Coulton. One of his songs was written for the game “Portal” by the same dudes that did one of my hubby’s favorite games, Half Life. This song “Still Alive”, is very very cool, and I must have listened to it a hundred times by now.

After a bit of research about the game, which I have never played -mind you, I made this weekly, with my favorite part of the song, and the next line which I did not get to add to the quilt:
We’re out of Beta
We’re releasing on time

Since I do Tech Support and our major project is about to release, this rings especially true for me.
Quilted into the bottom corner….You have to look to see it, but it’s there.
the cake is a lie.