President’s Message #2

Reprinted here for your viewing pleasure…
Somewhere along my quilting adventures, I started working on quilts that were under 24 inches square. It was a natural fit for me. I wanted to “finish” more quilts, and I have quite a few bed sized UFOs that were piling up. My brain comes up with some great ideas, and my hands could not execute them all. I already have a full time job, and at times it felt like a full time hobby too.
So some point came along and I started getting the ideas out in a smaller format, and a light bulb went off. I got more quilts (and quilting) done by making the works smaller! I guess I hadn’t read any rule that said my quilts needed to be gigantic to be quilted art, so took the leap and haven’t looked back.
The number one question I get about my small works is: “What do plan to DO with it?” Well, I make small quilts as gifts for family and friends, and they love being able to look at them on the walls of the office, den, or even the bathroom. I make quilts the size of baseball cards and mail them around the world with other artists (they are called Artist Trading Cards). I make quilts the size of postcards and mail them in place of birthday cards. I have framed some pieces like you would frame cross-stitching. And sometimes, I just pile them up or pin them to the walls of my sewing space.
During your “one hour a day” quilting time, think about a small quilt you could make! Don’t forget our annual small quilt auction is coming up. Hint Hint!