Princess and the…

I had this idea in my head for a while, and decided to make it for a custom trade I was asked to do with somoene from Click for a better view. I’m looking forward to making more, as the peas are stuffed trapunto work.
I finally got all of my artist submission stuff back from European Papers. Didn’t make the poster, or win a prize. Bummer. But, at least I entered what I thought was a fantastic work.
I am going on retreat again in a week and I have a whole host of things to do for custom trades, swaps, circle journals, round robins, and something new called a “jam”.
The Jam works when one artist starts the work, and makes 3 sets. Then the works are sent to a second artist, who works on all 3, and then sends them to the next artist, who works on all 3, then mails one each to the first two artists. I was sent a Jam for a circle journal page (all 3 of us are the the fabric circle journal round robin) and also an ATC jam was included. Lots of fun stuff.