Putting my best face forward

When I thought up the challenge for the Quilting Arts forum, I could not decide on a theme, but wanted to do something with “face” in it.  It could be interpreted many ways, and originally I thought I would do a self-portrait.  
Then Life got in the way, exciting opportunities popped up that I could not pass up, and there’s my regular 9-5 job in there as well.  So I had to reconsider my first idea and come up with a plan B.  A fast, executable, but still excellent Plan B.
I used to draw faces all the time as a kid.  I’d read comics, and if a panel looked especially pretty, I’d try to blow it up on a regular sheet of typing paper.  They never looked like the comics, but this one was close, and it was always “my best face”.  I saved it in a folder, and it’s dated 1991.  I was 18.  In High School.
So, I give you my best face.  Looks a little like Marilyn from a while back, huh?
This is painted on white cotton then quilted.