Rainbows in your Mouth

My sister’s birthday produced more vocabulary that I’ve incorporated into my lexicon. This time, while discussing her favorite show “Top Chef”, she described the contestants naming the ingerdients of their concoctions and the sometimes inappropriate names. If she were ever on the show, she announced, she would never reveal the ingredients, and proclaim the name of the dish as how it would feel. Thus was born “Rainbows in your Mouth”. This is now any good dish. It’s “rainbows in my mouth”.

This piece was completed in Baltimore, primarily at Quilt Expo 2007. It was great to see all of my quilter friends again, and we all busted our humps to get the show hung and taken down in RECORD time.

My sister has become quite enamored with embroidery since our trip to the Renegade Craft Fair and visiting with Jenny Hart. This is a bit of a tribute to her. I like “redwork” and have seen “bluework” and even “blackwork”. But this is me. “Whitework” on a dark fabric. Very spooky with the cobweb. And the only pattern I had that was 6 inches square. Copied directly from an antique quilt. By copied I mean “put on a Xerox machine and copied”.