Renegade Craft Fair

My sister and I attended the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend. It was a weekend full of festivals for me, this and the Naperville Wine Fest.

It was a great show, and I got to meet all kinds of folks, of which I will list later as it is late and I am tired. I have to say that the show was too full of screenprinted shirts. I like indie shirts that you can’t get anywhere else, but it seemed like every booth had them. Jenny Hart was there with Sublime Stitching, and my sister thought her kit was cool, so I nabbed that for her birthday. She even called me later, and was working on her project. How cool is that? We didn’t buy much, but you could not have asked for a more perfect day for insipration and crafts, as the weather was beautiful. Jury out some of the screenprinted shirts and it will be a better show.
My weekly quilts did not get posted due to a work trip to Baltimore, so here they are:
First, drowning. Yes, it is how I felt and still feel.

Second, flowers. Needed a hand project since I would be away in Baltimore.

Third, Orange Inchie, incorporated into this larger piece. Orange inchies made for a trade, this was my left over.

Last, Mother Nature, a journal quilt piece made for a fellow trader online.