Renuzit Air Freshener Cozy

This is a 1 hour project!!!

I wanted to make one of these because I think these Renuzit fresheners are pretty ugly, but they are cheap, and the “pretty” air fresheners are all so expensive. I got the idea after making a bunch of coffee cup holder sleeves, and this was a perfect use for that idea.
Step 1. Using a template, I cut out my quilt sandwich, the top fabric, batting and backing. I used this purple fabric and even fused on a complimentary fabric because my bathroom that this cozy is going in is Purple and Gray.

Step 2. Quilt it. Then, using the template again, cut out darts. This air freshener is curved, so the darts allow you to make the curve in the sleeve.
Step 3. Sew together the darts using a close, wide zig-zag stitch. See below.

Step 4. Zig-zag around all edges of the cozy. Feel free to embellish yours now, doing so later may be hard because these are narrow.

Step 5. Zig-zag the two ends closed. Place on your air freshener.
You can carefully tear off the plastic around the air freshener when you get it from the store to make your own template.