Resolutions update

As an update to my New Year’s resolutions, here’s how I’m doing.

1. Continue the weekly quilt series. This time, each month will have a theme.
**Going well!

2. Start a new monthly series where the works are larger, 8.5 x 11 inches, vertical orientation.
**Also going well, theme is “personal shrines”.

3. Enter my quilts into competitions. (3 quilts are started for entry into shows)
**One entered, and did not jury in. Second one going into an open show later this week!

4. “use it up!” I buy so much personal care products that I have too much. This year, I am not allowed to buy more until I use up all of what I have on hand. Except fabric and art supplies… I can never have too much.
*** I haven’t bought shampoo in months, nor bars of soap. I have been using up my ample supply of hotel shampoos and soaps after I ran out of the regular large sizes back at the end of January.

5. Write more letters. Keep in touch with distant friends and family. Who doesn’t love to get a letter?
*** I have been writing, no one has written back yet. In order to get mail, I have been using “Postcrossing” which has resulted in postcards from overseas!

6. See the bottom of the blog for the obligatory weight loss one…
***This one has sucked. Despite working out occasionally at the local community gym, DH and I have not been eating right. Must fix this soon.

7. Blog more!
***and thus the post on my resolutions! 🙂