Resolve to Start that Art Business in 2015!!!

2014 was great for me, and every year I start out making new resolutions that will further me as an artist.  I have really accomplished a lot with a good New Year’s Resolution.  My weekly series, which basically launched my art career, started with a New Year’s resolution in 2007.

I have been asked by many people lately if I could tell you how I started my business, how to make it grow, how to market it like I do, etc.  Well, I finally have an answer for that!

EP11725My friend, Lynn Krawczyk, and I are launching a one hour webinar on January 22nd that will get you started to launching your own Art related business in 2015!  I partnered with Lynn because she’s incredibly successful in her own right and does types of art that’s different from mine.  We have our own styles and our own ideas of what we want our businesses to do.  We went to this past International Quilt Market and learned so much from each other that we thought we had lots to share with all of you.

Are you ready to launch a business, no matter how big or small, and get it to grow? Let us help you get in the right frame of mind!

You can register for the webinar HERE!