Room to grow

My studio is coming along. I have my wire and clip system up, and now just have to put quilts upon the walls of the studio. A few boxes are unopened and I found a few projects I should have been working on, like my round robins… sorry ladies! I will work on them this weekend!
In the meantime, I’ve cracked out the sketchbooks and watercolors and am giving this another go. This weekend is a personal watercolor “paint-a-thon” for atc’s to trade online. This will get some of the cutesy ideas out of my head and into color.
On another note, my work (my real 9-5 job) is ramping up, and my ideas for art are ramping up too. I’m going back to the home office the first week of Sept., so I have to get a weekly idea ready to be done “on the road” again.