Sacred to the Memory

I have had scarcely enough time to breathe, but I can find time to quilt. I was away in Alaska on a cruise, been uber-busy on the job, and things at the house are a mess. During all of this I have been able to get my quilt for Quilting Arts mailed as well as finish off a bunch of ATCs for swaps.

I was invited to a quilt retreat in Pennsylvania the weekend after the cruise (last weekend), and through a rotten cold caught on the plane from Seattle, I was able to finish a circle journal page for my own Circle Journal that was mailed to Australia, but also finished my “precious fabric” round robin starter. I decided to do a fabric journal, in which each participant would do a set of pages, or one “signature”. I chose my hand dyed fabrics as my precious fabrics. It was hard to cut them up. I also finished about 10 ATCs for swaps.

Now I have someone elses’ round robin and someone elses’ circle journal to finish this month, as well as about 5 swaps before the end of the year. I finished these ATCs today. I love how old tombstones say “Sacred to the Memory of…” on them, cemeteries are so often forgotten, but are there so you always remember the people in them. I wonder sometimes if the people there are upset that no one remembers who they were. My husband lost a good friend this past week, so this set of ATCs was a bit theraputic.

Both of my checks for QA magazine and the European Papers’ ATC show have been cashed. Hooray! Sounds dumb, but that means they are both in. I wish I could go to Houston for the big Quilt show, but it is always Halloween weekend, and this year is an important anniversary I don’t think I can miss. 😉 However, I am saving my pennies for the show in Chicago in April. I can’t wait to go!