Sad proof that I am not, in fact, perfect.

For the final pomegranate for this month’s theme, I wanted to do something that was based on a block I found in the interweb that is quite old. This quilt was auctioned by Four Corner Quilt Gallery, and for a while, i guess you can see more of this quilt here.
I adapted this antique pattern into the this weekly quilt. This has all of the Jennifer Sampou swirls fabrics in it, of which, I discovered, I have quite a bit of. In fact, the background fabric is the background of my ever-unfinished Baltimore Album Quilt. (Yes, I have 11 blocks and 1/4th of the center completed, which I took Mimi Dietrich’s Baltimore album class in the year 2000, which is when most of them were finished) Now the antique quilt this pattern was adapted from had little hearts under neat the leaves of the stem, because the pomegranate is also known as the “love apple”. Now I wish I would have added them.
Now, here is the first attempt at this… and I did spend time hand appliqueing this block. When it was done, it was just… wrong. So I will leave it for now, and get to quilting it for some other reason some day.