September Family Collages – #4

I traveled so much in September I barely had time at home, much less time to post these lovelies. I knew I would be on the road a lot, so I prequilted the backgrounds, and took along the baggie of things to attach to them in the collage style. I was the perfect hand project to take with me on my travels and I would consider this again for that reason. The fabrics all came from a fat eighth pack of Fossil Ferns all matched in these muted colors, and it was the perfect pallatte for the theme. Additionally, the photos were all fused onto the colored prints, for a texture and added “sepia” effect.
This particular quilt is all about the wedding I can’t find a record for. My grandmother never celebrated her wedding anniversary, and no one seems to recall when it was. Neither grandma or grandpa are with us any more to tell us. When doing research on this, you have to know where and when in order to get a copy of the record. How silly that I can find a record of a wedding in the 1700’s, but not from the 1940’s. It’s like a big secret I’m not supposed to know.
I ran out of the little burgundy trim, which was supposed to go all the way around the quilt, not just the word “secrets”. The edge feels a bit unfinished in that I had nothing to really match or go with it in my travel baggie. The big key is from some big junk box from my mom’s old house, and the mini keys are to all of my diaries I kept as a kid. I feel that the border still needs something to darken it up, but I don’t want an oppressive color either…