Sewing and Quilt Expo

Went this weekend to the Sewing & Quilt Expo in Shaumburg, IL, and was easily separated from my money at the show…  I had a good time with my quilt friends Steff and Catherine.In this picture you can see my take from the show.  Some of the things i was happy to find here, like the discharge paste, the ruffling foot, and the “magic fabric” that texturizes.  It’s that kind of weird stuff that I look for at a show like this; stuff you can’t get in the average quilt shop.  I also was taken in by a booth with some antique textiles, and got the lace and beaded motif in the lower left. It was a fun trip!

Not much quilty has gone on lately as I have been cleaning my sewing studio and getting ready for the next project.  I have a design, it’s been blown up to the size I need, and now I just need to work on it. Some long weekends are in order to really get it done.