Shots of the Studio from GenQ’s Quarters

I really do love my studio, especially when it’s clean. These were taken in the winter when I was in full prep for my DVD and Quilting Arts Tv appearances.


Quilting on my Janome!!

A look in from the hallway.

This is a pretty good look at the wire curtain rods from IKEA that I clip my mini quilts to for a rotating art display.

This is the bin storage I keep all of my fabric in. These are from IKEA too. I like that I can put stuff on the tops. It’s usually a mess. The bucket on the right is fabric I have recently used that is waiting to be re folded and put away.

This is my ironing station made from a china buffet from IKEA that i made a padded top for. I needed storage and a larger ironing surface, so this fit the bill.

One of my favorite places to be!!!