Show and tell

I went to what might be my last art quilt retreat with my local guild, the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild, to the West River Retreat center near Annapolis. I will miss these 3 day sewing fests. I have so many good friends here.

On to the show and tell. Everything was made or started or whatever this weekend.
This is a custom ATC made for an artist on

These corsets are for a swap on the same website.

Trees. Made a couple extra. Like the depth I was trying to do? Played around with the threadplay trunks.

Week 11- Shiva paintstiks. These oil paints are in stick form. Because they are real oil paints and not oil pastels, they are great on fabric. I made the gold swirls last week using a gold paintstik and a swirl texture plate. I fused on purple lame, quilted and beaded it this weekend. Based on an earlier sketch in my notebook about line and form (week 4), this was designed listening to “Fergalicious” by Fergie, specifically the “D-to the E- to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S” part. I feel like you should know that, not sure why.

This butterfly is going to a fellow person in the Fabricators Circle Journal swap. Two journals were lost by UPS on the way to my house two months ago, and I felt so bad that the art that was lost, and more that someone probably threw away because they didn’t know what it was.

Remember me? I’m quilted, and the lip threadplay is done. My skin looks great. So “healthy” (bad Austin Powers joke…).

Way back in the first post, I was making this thing. I only had enough time to put the top together. It will be quilted in red, and the metal mesh circles hand sewn on.

She’s crafty, alright. I made this necklace in an hour. The beads were made a while back from an old Quilting Arts magazine article, the clasp idea came from a new book about fabric leftovers. Add yards of frilly yarn and you have instant funky necklace. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow to show how truly weird I am.

That’s it… I know, long post. But so worth it. I will miss these retreats. They were one of the best parts of being in the guild.