Snowbound! Or "Stuck in a hotel with nowhere to go…

Here in the suburbs of Chicago we’re having a blizzard.  Or “Snowpocalypse”.  Or “Snowmageddon”.  Or even “Snowtorious B.I.G”.  
Last year on a business trip to Baltimore, I found myself stuck in my hotel room for 48 hours with nothing to do.  I was supposed to go to the office in the building next door, but the office closed for 2 days. It snowed so much that I could barely get across the parking lots even if the office did open.
Normally I bring a sewing kit with a small hand work project with me, and this time I didn’t. I was supposed to be there for work and I wanted to be focused on the job.  Embarrassing? Yes.  Bored? Yes!
My friends Jean and Amy found a way to get out from their snowy driveways and travel to rescue me from the hotel for lunch on the second day.  They were kind enough to get me over to JoAnn Fabrics, which happened to be open and I got a few supplies!  Then it was back to the hotel to work on the project…
This happened to me before…. way way back in November of 2007, and while I had a little more cash with me this time and didn’t have to pick up free fabric samples to use, I did basically same thing.  
As for scissors, I used a pair I keep in my bag in 2007… and I left them at home this time.  TSA rules say you can bring a small pair now in your carry on, and I do so without any problems.  Not this time, and I got a new pair that got home without any problems. 
Now it doesn’t matter what the trip, how long I expect to be there, or even if I know I won’t have a second of free time, I ALWAYS bring a project with me!