So? Where have I been?

Scandinavia! No, really!  My DH and I took our first vacation in 3 years and took a big trip to Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It was fantastic, I highly recommend it!
Now, as far as quilting goes, I thought ahead and brought 2 weekly projects with me. My trip was over both weekends, when I usually do my weekly project, and I knew I’d miss 2 weeks if I didn’t do due diligence on planning.  Both were hand projects so that I could do them without a machine, but hand techniques were much harder to come up with than the ones I had planned previously.  I hope to get my act together soon this week and get pictures and descriptions posted.
I will say that I was very glad to have the projects VERY well planned in advance so as not to have too much thought in doing them on the trip.  I was to be relaxing, not fretting over the techniques, so having everything I needed to do planned in advance was really helpful.  
I hope you enjoyed the automatic posts I set up while I was away, and I plan to do more of that in the future, as I sometimes get to sit and blog in fits and bursts, and I know I always like to read blogs that update often. 
Anyway, I hope to have the new Techniques of the Week up soon and thanks for your patience!