Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop! And you can join us!

When I first made the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog hop ages ago, it was to motivate me to clean my studio.  I was so bogged down by the clutter, and I could see no other way to clean other than giving myself a deadline and then telling all of you all about it.

It worked.  But each year, my studio gets gunked up again, and it needs cleaning all over again.  Here’s what it looked like this year.


See?  I could not even walk in the room without having to kick everything to the side.  So bad…  Well, I cleaned.  It took me 3 weekends and lots of evenings after work.  But it’s DONE.


All the fabric is put away… the table and counters and ironing board cleaned off.  It’s not perfect, but it’s DONE!  Yay!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing everyone’s studios on this hop, because now it’s YOUR TURN to show us your studios!  We want to see them, even if it’s not clean! Will you share with us using the Inlinkz thingie below?

Plus, be sure to see everyone on the hop again!  Subscribe to their blogs and say hello in comments!
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