Spring Cleaning MY Studio… The HORROR

before1How did it come to this?  Well, I could have lots of excuses like “I was teaching at IQF Chicago”.  And “I was teaching and speaking at so many guilds”.  And ” I was travelling for my day job a lot”.  But there really isn’t any excuse.

When I tape my videos for Technique of the Week, only the corner behind me on the video has to be clean…   But my closet… Oh, the horror…

Is there even a floor in there?  It was soooo bad.

That’s when I remembered doing a Spring Clean Your Blog Hop ages ago, and decided to ask a few Facebook and Instagram friends to join in!!  Amalia from FunfromAtoZ.com really went all out with this trailer for the hop:

So.  Ready to see the afters???


Not bad, huh?  You can see the floor and every surface has been rearranged and reorganized.


How I store my fabric. And fabric that is waiting to be put away are in the bins in the lower right. after3

The view from my sewing machine, and also where I sit for the video series.


While the closet is NOT perfect, it’s 10000x’s better!after6Doesn’t this look a little familiar?  It’s where I sit for the video series.  It’s so much better!

Now that you have seen what a mess I made, and how it was to clean it all up, you can visit a dozen other studios by checking out everyone’s blogs below.  I hope you had fun hopping with us!!

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