Starting a new project

I’m not in the quilt restoration business, but a long time friend sent me this picture and asked me if I could help.

lindas-star-quiltLinda is a tremendous animal lover and very active in rescue for dogs in Memphis, where she lives.  I’ve known her since we both lived in Maryland.  When she sent me this photo, she explained that her dog caught hold of this wallhanging and ripped it down.  Her mother had made it a couple of months before she passed away.   I told her I could take a look and see what I could do!

It’s now in my studio and I have assessed the damage.  I have pulled a couple of matching fabrics, thought I don’t have any of the fabrics that Linda’s mother used, which seem to be all of the same fabric line.

file-dec-04-10-18-44-pmOver the next few days, I’ll post some pictures of my progress (and the best part is I have Linda’s permission).