Still going…and going…and going…

First off, I have now been doing the weekly quilt series for 27 weeks. That’s over half a year, but who’s counting?

Here is week 26. I decided on a white on white allover pattern to commemorate my half year mark. I adapted this pattern from and their Provence mini wholecloth kit pattern, which is normally 16 inches, and mine is only 6 inches. I have lots of work to do on very small filler quilting. In addition, I put this pattern on the back, so the work here is the bobbin.

Week 27 is another story. We have finally moved in. This shape is all I will see for many weeks. I needed a fast project, and not many of my weekly quilts are biographical, so this fit the bill.

Here are some promised photos of my new Quilt studio. Before, it had a purple and green little girl’s theme. The previous owner tried some freehand butterflies on the wall. I may do something to them later. This is the before photo.

And this is the current work in progress. It has a walk in closet with a baby changing station in it, which I will use as a cutting station. The fabric bins are from Ikea, I chose lower wire baskets to see the colors of the fabric better. They were out of the laminate tops that will form a shelf across the top, on which I will set some projects.
My sewing table has always been a grey fold up computer table, and the drop keyboard area has been modified to meet the level of the bed on the sewing machine, essentially giving me one of those custom sewing platforms with almost zero cost. The best part is that I have space for an 18 x 24 inch cutting mat on the backside of the table, which I use to work on, and then just go around the table to sew.
The big white box with silver edges near the ironing board is an old Nokia cell phone sign that hung in a store in a mall. It was given to my husband for free who thought it would make a good lightbox. Since the one side still says Nokia, and the back was white, it was perfect, and who can beat free? I have the best husband for thinking of these things for me.
I hung one piece of art, a frame from Target that has 12 2.5 x 3.5 inch openings, perfect for ATCs. I took 12 great ATCs from my collection and popped them in, and hung it up. I plan to get a few more frames to display even more.
I still have plenty to find a place for, and the wall I am standing against to take this photo is where the design wall will be. A 360 degree photo will come soon, closer to completion.