Storage Tip: Ladders

If you like to make lots of quilts, or you just happen to have lots that you want to display, then finding a storage solution that isn’t a huge piece of furniture is a challenge. One of the ways you can display lots of quilts and have them at hand to wrap around you on the sofa, but easily move them, is to use a ladder. At one time or another you may have used a ladder to try to take pictures of your quilts, but I mean to actually hang your quilts on the ladder as a decoration that doubles as storage.

Ladders for quilt display have been the rage at Quilt Market booths for some time now. They can display a few quilts in a small space and it can be easily moved. The quilts are easily accessible, and easily replaced.

This ladder is from my old bunk beds from when I was a kid!

There are plenty of ways to find a ladder to use for your quilts. Searching online for “blanket ladder” will get you dozens of styles and types, in a huge variety of price ranges. By going to a local vintage flea market, I found several wooden vintage ladders under $25. I also found several woodworkers selling “blanket” ladders that came in variety of finishes, also for around $25. One of the differences is that a ladder meant to climb is going to be more narrow, whereas a ladder made for displaying your quilts is going to be wider and will show more of the front of the quilt. Where you plan to put your ladder may help determine which you want.

This blanket was made by a local woodworker.

One of the tips I recommend is to wrap the rungs of your ladder in acid free tissue paper. This way, the wood treatment of your ladder will not mark or transfer to your quilt over time. Another good tip is to rotate the folds of your quilts every few months, so that creases do not become permanent and any fading from light is not concentrated on one area for too long.

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