Studio Makeover Update

Seems like slow going for my makeover, partly because I’m working in the studio at the same time to make it pretty. 

I have a couple of updates to show:

The design wall that was pinkfoam in this update is now covered with the nicest anti-pill fleece.  I planned to use flannel or batting, but then changed my mind as it always seemed to do two things: get stuff stuck into it and also beard onto stuff I put on the wall.  That meant a lot of cleaning the wall off or the work off, and the anti-pill fleece saved me from both.  When threads get stuck to the wall, I use one of these “cotton pickers” to wipe them off! 

The other project is the walk in closet.  It’s still a mess, but getting there.  I keep buying plastic bins to corral items into some semblance of order, and I’m officially out of room for those.  That means a “pare down” or “combining” needs to happen.  

I added this family antique lamp to help with lighting on this end of the room.  I found a great lighting solution for overall light, but for now, task lights have to do.

It’s getting a lot closer to being done.  But here’s a question:  These butterflies were painted on by the lady who used to live here.  Should I outline them?  Or leave them in their weird painted state?