Stuff and things… (or Being Sick)

File Jun 27, 11 24 51 AMThe past 18 months have been really hard.  Harder than I’d like to admit to myself sometimes.  Being sick sucks.  But being so sick that you physically or mentally can’t DO anything really, really, really sucks. That has been me for nearly 3 weeks.  And let me tell you, this one did a number on me.  I was told to rest, and I’m not good at “resting”.

Not only is this the first really debilitating illness I have had in a long time, but this is the first one since both my divorce and job loss.  I had to get over it on my own and without any financial support.  As an entrepreneur, when you don’t work, you don’t earn.  In addition, I had a business trip that I could not miss in the middle of everything, which set me back as I was not resting and caused a recurrence of the illness.   I missed deadlines I really wish I didn’thave to miss.  I have had almost too much time to noodle over things that make me sad.

BUT….I’m FINALLY feeling better, and let me tell ya, I’m chomping at the bit to get everything back off the drawing boards and into reality.

If you haven’t seen the cool Cosplay interviews we are doing over at Sew Much Cosplay then go check that out.  If you haven’t seen the new items in the SHOP, please check those out.  I have a bunch of secret things going on (as usual) that will all be revealed soon.   Please bear with me as I get back into the swing of things!!