Sunday nights are for planning… 

If you have taken one of my business courses then you know I do my business planning and marketing planning on Sunday nights. 

I thought I’d show you the planner notebook I have been using for the past year.  I really love it. 

It’s called the VoltPlanner by Ink+Volt. I like this planner because it allows me to set my goals each week so I can stay on track for my overall business plan. It’s great to set small goals so that you feel like you accomplish more. 

Why do I love monthly challenges like this #31dayblogwriting challenge?  Because when you commit to a small project once a day for a month, you are more likely to make it a habit. This planner helps me stay on track with those. 

Everyone has a personal preference for their weekly breakdown. Some people like the days to have the hours written in so they do x until this or that time, and do y at this other time. Since I work full time, I do work for my business before I start work, during my lunch, and after work. So for me, writing in the goals and projects to do during my “morning, noon, and night” is perfect. If I need to write in times, I can still do that. 

There’s a whole market of planner accessories out there at the major craft stores like Michaels.  They make filling in the days fun. I just picked up this cool stamp and some planner stickers. 

I love this planner’s hard cover, and lay flat binding. I don’t need pouches or the ability to remove or add sections. If I need to plan a project separately there’s another planner for that. (I even have one I like a lot, called the Self Journal.) I’m not paid to endorse these guys, I just really love this planner!