Super Awesome Giveaway Time!!

Today I’m doing a giveaway for this awesome Sidewinder bobbin thread winder!  
I LOVE mine, and I got an extra one recently, and I’d love for it to live with you!  I really love being able to wind bobbins and still work on the machine at the same time.   

Note The following machines have bobbins that will not fit on the SideWinder: • Singer Centaur II 412 56 15-45 (green) • Singer Futura 412 09 75-45 (new style) • Husqvarna Viking sewing/quilting machines that take bobbin o 412 56 15-45 (green) or o 412 09 75-45 (new style) or o 412 06 12-45 (old style)

Comment one time only on this post to enter.  

Here are the rules:
1. One comment per person to enter this contest. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Comments must be on this post only.  If you do not sign in with your Google or Blogger account, make sure I have a way to contact you, such as leaving your email address. 
2. The winner will be selected randomly.
3. Anyone in the world can enter this contest.
4. Entries will be accepted until 8/5/11 at 6 AM Eastern Standard Time. 

Thanks, good luck, and enjoy!