Technique of the Week #10 – Painted Batting

Project hours: About 7 hours 
Design and materials: about 1
Execution: 6 hours 

This lovely piece was inspired by Quilting Arts TV, episode 304.  Pokey Bolton shows how to paint on batting, including screen printing on it and other fun stuff.  So off I went to get out my paints and stamps to have some fun.  
First, I started with wet batting, so my colors would run together, and diluted Setacolor paints until they were about half paint, half water. I blobbed the colors onto the wet batting and mushed some of the areas to make the colors bleed.  I only used yellow and blue, the green you see is mixed in the batting.
So the reason this took so long to do is the drying time. Let this get dry, dry, dry.  Then you can stamp over it.  I used blue and white, and it looks pretty cool.  I quilted this with a variegated thread that has all the same colors.  It is backed with fabric.  I liked this technique a lot, except for the drying time, because I’m in such a hurry.  But I can’t wait to try it again with some fuchsia and yellow.