Technique of the Week #11 – Glue Resist Painting

Project hours: About 32 hours 
Design and materials: About 2 hours
Execution:About 30 hours

I have read about this technique in many books and online, and finally gave it a try.  The Glue brand used here is Elmer’s Gel Glue, the blue kind.  It’s easy to find, and super cheap.
The design part was a bit harder, since I knew I was doing a wholecloth design that would look a bit like a batik motif. I ended up drawing a face design I have drawn a zillion times. 
The glue needs to dry a good 10 or more hours. And then you need to carefully paint your design so as not to slop over your resist lines.  I chose to use Setacolor paints as that is what i had on hand.  Flesh was a it difficult, and in this photo, it’s looks distorted, but it’s a nice even color in real life.  Then your paint needs time to dry, and I chose to leave it overnight.
After ironing it from the back I washed it well in warm water.  Then I let it dry, ironed again, and quilted it.
Not a bad technique, if you have time to try it. Maybe I could use this to try overdyeing?