Technique of the Week #16 – Graffiti Fabric

Before you cry out “But, Cheryl! This is supposed to be week #15!” I looked back at my posts and realized there are two number 8’S!  So, instead of correcting all of those posts (which frankly sounds exhausting) I’m kicking off this week with the correct number.  Thanks for your understanding.

Project hours: 4 hours
Design and materials: 1 hours
Execution: 3 hours

I learned this FUN technique at the International Quilt Festival at the Quilting Arts/Interweave Booth.  If you have never been, they have a classroom on the show floor called “Make it University”.   The teacher of this class was Belinda Spiwak, also known as “CrazyArtGirl” and is a fellow moderator on the Quilting Arts website with me.  Belinda is a fabulous altered art artist, and has been featured in many books, magazines, and even on TV!
This technique starts off with Tulip Brand fabric spray paints (in eco friendly and non smelly pump bottles).  The best part is accumulating the stencils in which to “tag” your fabric.  
The process takes no time at all, lay your stencils down and spray away.  The “overspray” of the edges are your stencil just add to the graffiti effect. Belinda was great to show us to layer the lighter colors on first and and then the dark and/or black colors.  It was quick!  I did 3 large pieces of fabric in under an hour.  She used a canvas type cloth, but how fun would this be to over dye existing “ugly” commercial fabrics or even a t-shirt!