Technique of the Week #19 – Shading with MistyFuse

Project hours: 2 hours
Design and materials: 1 hours
Execution: 1 hours

MistyFuse is a paperless fusible web that comes in white, black, and ultraviolet.  Iris, the wonderful woman at MistyFuse, had some that wasn’t black enough, but was perfect for what I want it for, so I bought a whole bolt. 
The pear is layers of MistyFuse to create the “drawing” of the fruit.  No tulle is used.  How I did this was to draw out a design onto paper, including marking where I wanted the shading of the layers to lay.  I laid a small piece of MistyFuse down over the drawing, and holding the MistyFuse with one hand, I snipped away the excess with the other.  I did this for each layer, and fused it down with my Goddess pressing sheet as I cut them.  It was really neat to see the design take shape.  More complicated designs would take longer, but I can see using this for shading still lifes, people, and much more. I especially like how it looks hand drawn.