Technique of the Week #24 – Scratch-A-Print Screenprinting

Project Hours: 3 hours
Design and Materials: 1 hour
Execution: 2 hours

This is was one of two screen printing techniques I tried using a new product.  This product is called Scratch-a-Print2, which I got from Dick Blick.  The idea is that these very thin sheets of tissue paper are wax coated on one side, and you “scratch” your drawing into the front, rubbing the wax off onto some paper underneath and opening up the tissue for your paint to go through.
The size I bought meant that my pieces would be very small, and I could try several designs in one quilt.
I found this stuff super easy to use.  It comes 10 to a pack, and when the directions say to “press hard” do indeed press hard and go over your lines twice to make sure they are opened up.  I had to clean my screen and redraw the lines again, as my first ones were not open enough.
One thing that I did before I printed was to take clear packing tape and tape over the cardboard edges of the screens so that if I tried to wash the screen the cardboard would not disintegrate.
I was able to get a better result not be “screening”, but by using a tissue and gently patting the screen ink through the tissue.  Each one was immediately rinsed.  These were the best of my attempts and I know I am not very good at screening.
As you can tell, my “year of the cephalopod” continues, and this is called “Cephalopod Party”.  There’s a dumbo octopus, a regular octo, a cuttlefish and a squid.  Yay!  I do these designs because I don’t have to do much thinking ahead of time, which saves time as I am trying to get myself caught up from my summer hiatus.