Technique of the Week #30 – Freehand Discharge Paste Painting

Project Hours: 3 hours
Design and Materials: 1 hour

Execution: 2 hours 
Discharge Paste STINKS….. I mean it really, really smells bad.  If you can stand it in your well-ventilated workspace to work on this project, I’d suggest you give it a go.  Or wear a respirator. 
I freehand painted this octo onto blue fabric.  Now I have tried Discharge Paste before, so that was not the technique I was trying.  My previous experience has only been with screen printing with it.  So, to paint it on freehand was what I was after to see if it would work.
I painted it on, and waited for it to dry and then steamed it to make the Discharge Paste work.  My iron bubbled a bunch of water on the fabric and my octo came out with some neat spots.  I also did not know what color the blue would discharge out as.  That was pretty cool.
I can see lots of freehand work in my future… if I can stand the smell.