Technique of the Week #31 – Decolorant

Project Hours: 3 hours
Design and Materials: 1 hour

Execution: 2 hours 
In a similar vein as TOW #30, this is a discharge/bleaching paste that deposits color as you bleach.  It has a citrus smell, so it was not as offensive as the regular Jaquard discharge paste. 

I screened this using the silk screen I made in this TOW project.  I was short on time and haven’t quilted it yet.  I really liked how the color looked against this black cotton sateen, even if the sateen is a bit fuzz laden.  I’m also showing you the back so you can see how much it bleached out.  You need a good thick layer of this stuff to get this kind of result, there are 2 other “pulls” I did not get a good result on.  Try this stuff, it comes in lots of fun colors!