Technique of the Week #35 – Gelli Arts Gel Plate Monoprinting

After a brief hiatus, “Technique of the Week” is back for a couple of weeks to show you some cool stuff! My plan was to eventually finish all 52 weeks, so here’s week #35!

Project Hours: 2 hours
Design and Materials: 1/2 hour
Execution: 1 1/2 hours

On my list of Techniques to try for this series, “gelatin monoprinting” stuck out at me for a long time and I was not inspired on getting it started.

Then I got this new product called the Gel Printing Plate from Gelli Arts.  After seeing the video on how to use it, I was hooked, and could not wait to try it out on fabric.

Here are all of my supplies and my Gel Plate ready to go.  I used regular cotton fabric (my favorite Southern Belle white from Springs) and SetaColor paint for fabric.

I started off simple, by adding a smidge of paint and rolling it out on the gel plate with my brayer.  In between colors, I rolled off the paint onto regular computer paper.  It worked really well, even when using a light yellow next.

I eventually got fancy by adding 2 colors to the same plate and also over printing.

Here’s some of the papers I made too!

This was so much fun, but not seconds after I cleaned it all up (with water- super easy!) and put it all away, I realized I didn’t print an Octopus for my TOW themed quiltlets. I pulled it all back out and played again!  It took about 10 minutes for set up, and 15 minutes to clean it all up.  Super easy!  No gelatin molds to cook, refrigerate, break apart, etc!  I was so glad this product came along so I could try this. 
To get your own, check out the Gelli Arts page!