Technique of the Week #37 – Suminagashi Marbling

Here’s this week’s technique of the week video! Enjoy!

Skill Level:Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon +
Cost: Around $16 for the Suminagashi paint set

Not only is this technique fun, but it’s also inexpensive and easy to do! You may have seen me do this on an episode of Quilting Arts TV, and most recently in the article I wrote for them in Quilting Arts Magazine in August 2014. This technique is super easy to do, so here’s some photos to help you figure it all out!



This is what the kit looks like, and you can get one from Blick art Materials! Click the picture to go to the site.



Here I have picked up a little of the paint onto a brush and lightly touch it to the surface of the water. I alternate colors until I have a big puddle of color in the middle and rings, for interest.


Next I take a stick or skewer and disturb the surface of the water for the marbling effects.


This is how I lay the fabric onto the surface of the water to pick up the paint. I make a U shape over the center and lay it onto the water.


When I pull the fabric up off the water, the paint has transferred to the fabric! Just let dry, iron, and use in your artwork!