Technique of the Week #40 – The Spilling Canvas Mixed Media

img009Project Hours: 2 hours
Design and Materials: 1 hour
Execution: 1 hour +

A while ago I had the pleasure of taking a class with Traci Bautista called The Spilling Canvas.   The idea was to layer and layer and layer some more with all manner of fabric marking tools, and in the end you have a wonderful fabric from which you can make lovely things.  I used a lot of marking tools I had never used before, like Tulip Spray paints, and lots of fabric pens and gelly pens used for t-shirts in the big box craft stores.
tow2The class had a lot of freedom to draw your own designs, and I went for it with all of my favorites, octopuses and the girly girl I seem to always draw.  But in the end, the octopus fabric was too cool to cut up and may be better as a wholecloth piece.  So I chose to cut out the design at the top as my weekly quilt.  I have used this technique lots of times since, so it was a great class, and I recommend Traci as a teacher if you are able to take one of her awesome classes!