Technique of the Week #41 – Craft Store Rub Ons

img008Project Hours: 1 hour
Design and Materials: 1/2 hour
Execution: 1/2 hour +

Because my quilts are art quilts made for the wall and are hardly ever (as in NEVER) washed, I decided to see if I could make some craft store rub-ons that are made for paper work on fabric.
The answer?  Yup, you can.  I only ironed this piece from the back so that I did not touch the rub-on with the iron directly, and it still worked out great.  A simple design here to showcase 4 different rub-ons.  These were literally in the dollar section of the store, but in any scrapbook section you can find some rub-ons. I do NOT know what will happen if washed, but I assume they will wash off.  You may be able to cover them in a fabric or matte medium for permanence!