Technique of the Week #6 – "Texture Magic" fabric

Project Hours: About 2 hours
Design and materials: 1 hour
Execution: 1 hour

This is a packaged product I purchased at a recent quilt show, and this stuff says it shrinks 30% in all directions.  The package has really basic instructions on how to use.  You sew your fabric onto this slippery nylon synthetic fabric.  Then you steam the heck out of it and that shrinks the nylon and bunches up the fabric you sewed on.  The nylon becomes a stabilizer of sorts, and you can sew this new “fabric” into your project.
The thing was, once I had it “texturized” the fabric, I did not have any inspiration as to what to do with it.  I did a series of fabric manipulations last year and did not want to repeat those styles, which left me completely stumped as to what to do with the “fabric” I made.  Anyway, I also realized the “texturizing” is completely random.  So if you like random, unpredictable results, this product is for you.  
I am not happy with the other circles in the darker purple thread, they were not dark enough and stitching over them by hand made them wonky.  But, as my DH says, not every project can be a winner.  
Thanks so much to everyone for the interest and comments on the Technique #1 quilt, I do appreciate it so much!